Sparklepop loves kittens


We adore cats. It's as simple as that. The fact is, shelters in America are packed, and for many, their methods are severely out-dated, which leads to euthanizing hundreds of thousands of animals every single year. Over 70% of those killed are our feline friends. That is NEVER an option, because the problem has been solved. The previously insurmountable road blocks have been conquered, and several major U.S. cities have already turned no-kill! We're even based in Austin,TX, which is the country's largest no-kill city!

The frustrating part? Other cities have no idea it can be done, or need help getting there. Outdated laws tie the hands of some shelters and they need lobbyists to help them. There's no central database or organization to just make an announcement and mass-implement these programs. Law-makers have to be petitioned, shelter-managers need to be educated, tools need to be developed, funds need to be raised, and communities need to be told.

We KNOW we can do this. It's been done already, and people like you - reading this because you care and want to DO something about it - you're who will make it happen! It can't happen without people like you fostering kittens during "kitten season", volunteering at shelters, or donating your expert skills to local groups fighting to make your home town and home state no-kill. Not a single state in the U.S. is no-kill, so we've got work to do!

We make jewelry for the sole purpose of raising funds to help save cats and keep them safe. We're helping to fill the tanks of caravans rescuing from kill lists, funding lobbyists fighting to abolish out-dated laws, filling bowls with kibble, expanding cage capacities, educating shelter managers, and finding passionate animal advocates to join our cause.

We can do this! But not without you.

Consider helping your local shelters this summer by fostering a kitten - or a whole basket of kittens! You'll have the time of your life, and you'll save their lives and find them each their life-long best friend. No-kill cities aren't possible without people like you.



We regularly donate products to cat-focused rescue groups and shelters for fundraising purposes. We also offer programs for non-profits to purchase goods "at cost" for ongoing fundraising. To see how we can help, please email


Sparklepop loves kittens


Defiance, OH

What started out as a love for helping kitties in one lady's home, turned into a large organization and sprawling kitty oasis. Friends of Felines Rescue Center take in kitties that society neglects due to mental or physical disabilities. They get them medical help and love on them constantly, allowing them to stay indefinitely if necessary. No cages here! You can watch their 24/7 live stream to see their kitties running around having the time of their lives.

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Sparklepop loves kittens

Stray Cat Alliance

Los Angeles, CA

These hard working people are fighting to reform shelters and end senseless euthanization. They focus on the root of the issue: over population and need for educating local governments and communities. They spay/neuter thousands of cats each year to prevent litters that will end up in a kill shelter as well as care for the current feral population.

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Sparklepop loves kittens

Town Cats

Morgan Hill, CA

This kitty haven rescues cats from city kill shelters. Did you know neonatal kittens are only given 3 hours to live when they're admitted to a city shelter? Town cats steps in and helps save these little guys. They don't turn any kitty away, no matter how dire the situation. They have 2 small locations and created a huge network of foster families that they educate and support to expand their cat capacity.

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Milo was found as a kitten in an urban park. It seems he must have been abandoned soon after adoption. Fortunately, he found us, we scooped him up ( there was some swatting and hissing at first), and he now hangs out at the Sparklepop offices as our chief director of pets. He's pretty amazing at his job and has been known to jump on desks during interviews and meetings to give his input. He went from hisses to kisses, and now purrs like crazy when you give him a big bear hug. He's completely spoiled, and clearly in charge of his humans.

Sparklepop's office kitty, Milo